The Federal Department of Odds and Ends

Photo from "The Lost Thing" by Shaun Tan
Photo from “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan

The summer is over and I’m back at work. There’s always a feeling of slight disappointment at returning to work, the holiday is over, it’s time for the same old routine…The summer holiday now feels like a distant memory. However, I must say, there was a lot of excitement today, when I went to my pigeon-hole at the end of the day to see if there was any mail and there was. I suppose receiving mail is no big deal, us adults get mail all the time, and in fact it’s usually a bill, so really not exciting at all. This was.

The envelope, nothing special really.
The envelope, nothing special really.
The surprising contents of the envelop...
The surprising contents of the envelope…

A letter from the Federal Department of Odds & Ends! It really was a treat to receive such a letter. In writing this blog, I had hoped someone was reading it, but certainly didn’t expect anyone from the Department of Odds & Ends to read it let alone respond!  Here is what the letter said:

August 2013

Dear Rebecca

It gives me enormous pleasure to return these items to you on behalf of the department. I know they have been missing for some time, but we are s small department and there are so many odds and ends to deal with.


1x Teaspoon

1x Sock

Please don’t worry if some other precious items seem to have just disappeared into thin air. They will eventually turn up at our processing centre and we will get them back to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Your friend at the Federal Department of Odds & Ends.

The mystery of this department remains, there is no return address. I have no way of contacting them to let them know just how thankful I am.  Maybe next time…


‘Whipple-scrumptious Words’

I’ve always been a fan of Roald Dahl. I remember as a young girl, watching the BFG (one of my favourites) and reading Matilda, the Twits, the Witches… I think we even had the audio books and in the summer when we were stuck in traffic my parents would put it on- must have kept me quiet!

So, when it came time to fill out an order for book club, I couldn’t resist. Along with buying the latest edition of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook I also bought, something which might be deemed far more important:

Whipple-scrumptious words

Inside the box

I believe there simply aren’t enough words in the English language, so I’ve decided to create my own set of words. Obviously, to do this I needed a blank canvas. So, I walked to the shops this afternoon to get said canvas, this is what I bought:

The blank canvas
The blank canvas or glotters glorium

I must admit it looked very sad and, well blank, but it didn’t take me long to open up the box of words and litter them all over the canvas…

So many words!
Too much?

ARGH! So many words! The possibilities are endless! Too many words can be intimidating, so I took them all down and put them in a tin. Then read my little book I got with the words.

Some sound advice/ some splendiferous twinkler

Then I got creative….It’s going to take some time to create the many possible words but I got started and here are a few of my creations so far…

A couple of nonsensical sentences

This is going to be so much fun!

Some would say…

Some would say that being a teacher is fantastic, great holidays, educating young people and helping them on their way to achieving their dreams, but the truth is, there is a down side.  GERMS. They fester. They fester particularly on days when the air conditioning breaks and it’s really hot. They fester when children come in after running around outside in 40 degree heat. They fester.

It was unfortunate that on the day this happened, I left my special germ seeing vision aids and cape at home. If I had remembered to put the special glasses and extraordinary cape in my bag I know for sure that I would have seen a collection of little germ monsters. They would have looked like this:

They would have had fun, frolicking in mid-air, bouncing from one person to another in ecstatic jubilation at the opportunity to fester. Just like this:

And this is how I ended up at home, alone, feeling very sorry for myself. It was also the rebirth of my alter ego…Hurricain.

A teacher by day, a superhero by night…..travelling all over the world saving children from literary disaster!

Turns out words are not enough

Coloured Pencils
Coloured Pencils (Photo credit: Dave Haygarth)

After doing research on the blogging thing, it turns out I need to include more images in my posts. I get it. If I’m just glancing at someone’s blog, I’m not really going to want to stop and read it if  faced with a wall of words, on there own they are simply not enough. It doesn’t seem right saying that, but  I must admit I do enjoy looking at blogs that are visually appealing, we are always attracted to the pretty colors. With this in mind,  my new aim is to make this blog more appealing with doodles, drawings, photos…

There was once a time when I was good at drawing, I took Art in high school and achieved pretty good grades, but it’s been a while since I actually sat down and created a masterpiece. Instead, I’m going to play with photo’s and other such things and see what I can create, I might even pick up a pencil and have a go at drawing. What I really need is a camera placed inside my head, then you could all see the weird and wonderful things happening in my ‘world’, but erring on the side of caution, it might just be best to ask my friend Mel to help me if I get stuck.

The best thing about

being a teacher is the endless opportunities to be silly  educate the young minds of today, be silly ( I was right the first time).

Today was a prime example,  I was in my classroom educating the children when it happened……a wave of silliness came over me.


So, I created this little guy. Who knows when the silliness will strike again….I predict it will happen very soon…