Procrastination? Inspiration? Madness?

It’s exam time, that means there’s a stack of papers waiting to be marked.  It’s a sign that summer is fast approaching when I am buried under a pile of exams.  It’s always an intense time for those taking the exams and for those marking them. I find that it’s when I go a little loopy…

As a time out I went to visit a friend, something that is a normal occurence for most people, myself included. However, I also decided to create a comic strip illustrating my journey, as well as a limerick and the opening of a short story.

My journey
The visual interpretation of my journey…
The opening of the story scribbled on scrap paper...
The opening of the story scribbled on scrap paper…

Why? I have no idea, it’s not like I had hours of time to spare, I’m in the middle of marking exams.  The only explanation I can come up with is that it’s a way to give my brain a break.

The brain
The brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creative Buddies (Part2?)

I am a grownup, well I’m supposed to be a grownup.

I have blogged before about my creative buddies, but for some reason I can’t find the post- there is a possibility that I dreamt it, it’s happened before. So, I believe that I may or may not have blogged about them before. Who knows? Apparently I don’t!

Word munchers

Anyway, here are the Word Munchers. They sit on the ledge of my whiteboard waiting for me to brainstorm my ideas. What do they do once I have my ideas up there? They try to eat them…It’s a bit like that classic line- Miss, my dog ate my homework! Only this time, it’s a case of- I could have sworn I finished that story…why would I leave that sentence incomplete? (maybe they ate the post I am claiming to have written…)

You have to be careful of the Word Munchers, whilst they’re usually perfectly harmless, if you don’t feed them at least twice a day they get hungry. When they get hungry, they get grumpy; when they get grumpy they steal words.  This is where the Whimple-scrumptious words come in, if I make up new words they can have them instead- it makes them confused.

I’m a collector….a collector of friends

No, scratch that title, it sounds mildly creepy…

I’m in the business of making friends.

People are fascinating and offer great material for stories so it’s no surprise that I like to make new friends.  My latest friend has taken on a slightly different form . ( He recently ended up in a recent blog post due to his photobombing techniques)

Meet Eugene…

Found- a new friend
Found- a new friend

Eugene was found abandoned and alone under a bench. His so-called friend having forgotten him. Let me paint a picture…

The air was fresh and cool, the breeze teased the leaves on the trees only occasionally as the laughter of the patrons filled the air. It was the weekend. The tables were arranged haphazardly outside the pub, old wooden benches and tables reminiscent of the picnic benches visited as a young child on a summer holiday.

Sitting sipping a cool drink and enjoying the night air I sat listening to the words being carried past me, snippets of conversations.

“The instructions said two minutes…”


“I’ll have another…”

“Maybe I should have…”

Amongst all of this I got the sudden urge to look at my shoes. They were after all, very pretty ( bright blue satin with blue gems). It was at that moment when I saw him, lying on the ground. Eugene.  A small, dinosaur left to fend for himself on the floor of the pub.  I wondered at that point, who would not only abandon such a thing but, who would bring a dinosaur out with them? Scanning my surroundings I couldn’t see anyone who looked like they’d lost their friend, nor did I see anyone who looked like they’d befriend a dinosaur.

I didn’t think I’d befriend a dinosaur either….

Eating all the m&m's
Eating all the m&m’s
Catching up with long lost friends...
Catching up with long lost friends…

Some would say…

Some would say that being a teacher is fantastic, great holidays, educating young people and helping them on their way to achieving their dreams, but the truth is, there is a down side.  GERMS. They fester. They fester particularly on days when the air conditioning breaks and it’s really hot. They fester when children come in after running around outside in 40 degree heat. They fester.

It was unfortunate that on the day this happened, I left my special germ seeing vision aids and cape at home. If I had remembered to put the special glasses and extraordinary cape in my bag I know for sure that I would have seen a collection of little germ monsters. They would have looked like this:

They would have had fun, frolicking in mid-air, bouncing from one person to another in ecstatic jubilation at the opportunity to fester. Just like this:

And this is how I ended up at home, alone, feeling very sorry for myself. It was also the rebirth of my alter ego…Hurricain.

A teacher by day, a superhero by night…..travelling all over the world saving children from literary disaster!

The World Premier of My Theme Song!

Yesterday was the world premier of my theme song. Yes, that’s right, I have a theme song, don’t you?!

It was released during one of my lessons, and of course my class joined in! It was heaps of fun, although I might be the only one to think that.

The lyrics are below and all you need to do is sing it to the Ghostbusters theme.

Miss Cain’s Theme Song (Lyrics)

If there’s something strange

You don’t understand

Who you gonna ask? Miss Cain!

If there’s some weird word

and it makes no sense

Who you gonna ask? – Miss Cain!

I ain’t afraid of no help

I ain’t afraid of no help

If you’re not quite sure

What quote to use

Who can you ask? – Miss Cain!

No punctuation

Walking through your work

Oh, who can you ask? – Miss Cain!

I ain’t afraid of no help

I ain’t afraid of no help

Who you gonna ask? – Miss Cain!

If you’re freaking out

Don’t hang about

Go ask – Miss Cain!

I ain’t afraid of no help

I hear it improves my work

I ain’t afraid of no help

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna ask? Miss Cain!

If you’ve had a dose

Of a freaky quote,

You’d better ask – Miss Cain!


Let me tell you something

helpin’ makes me feel good

I ain’t afraid of no help

I ain’t afraid of no help

Don’t get caught confused, oh no

Miss Cain!

When it comes to your work

Just do your best and

You could maybe ask – Miss Cain!


Who you gonna ask? – Miss Cain!

Who’s your favorite character from a children’s book?

I have always been a bit of a people watcher. I like to observe the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us human. This is probably why I love creating characters and spending time developing them and wondering, what would happen if they did this? Or that?

Olivia is one of my all time favorite characters.  I just love the simplicity of the illustrations and words, and how through such simplicity her personality can still shine through.  I have added to my little collection of all things Olivia and just bought her book.

Here is my collection….

This is the Olivia material I bought.

The picture above, is the material with Olivia, I have had this made into an A-line skirt, which I love! The picture below is a little more interesting, just like Olivia. I have a skirt made out of a number of panels, I have used stripes and polka dots, and I think that Olivia would love it just as much as I do!

If you love the photos I’ve taken of my little collection, then make sure that you visit Olivia’s website.