Who Was I?

This was part of my costume, who was I?
Who was I?

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 6th March…The above is part of my costume….who did I dress up as?


She doesn’t just develop as the novel progresses, she changes. Even her name changes

A large part of the plot is about finding her loot

She was famous for her spiced peaches

She was also a teacher….

Who was I?


World Book Day: I’m excited!

Tomorrow we will celebrate World Book Day and I’m excited.

I’m excited because I love books. I’m excited because I love reading. I’m excited because….I love to play dress up!

Picture courtesy of http://readingagency.org.uk
Picture courtesy of http://readingagency.org.uk

One of the reasons I became a teacher is because I love to read and wanted to share my passion for reading and creative writing with others. The reality is that as an English teacher I don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like talking about books.

Instead, I have to focus on┬áteaching how to write in different styles and working out why a writer has used a specific word in their sentence and focussing on helping students to make the top grade. It’s marking, reporting, assessing…

So, when days like these come along, and I can momentarily abandon the syllabus I make sure to make the most of it. There are so many fantastic YA novels out there at the moment that not only is there not enough time to read them all, but the possibilities for tomorrow are endless.

I think it’s safe to say that there will be plenty dressing as Katniss Everdeen’s and Tris Prior’s… but, I wonder who else I will see wandering the hallways tomorrow?

More importantly, who will I be?