The Story of Rockin’ Gardener

It’s summer and I’m home. Home is a funny word. Being a TCK, I consider many places to be my home, so to clarify I’m in Perth (Western Australia). It’s where I have boxes of stuff, lots of boxes filled with many a forgotten object. Today I made a start going through the boxes, I knew it would be fun and that I would find hidden treasures- books from my childhood, old photos, trinkets and letters and I did find all of those. It has been an afternoon of meandering down memory lane.

So far the most exciting find has been my very first published book! I still can’t believe that I kept it (so, thank you mum for making me keep it and telling me it was really, really good!)

When I was eight years old I wrote a book as part of a school project and the teacher made them into little books, using those plastic spines that slip over pages.

The cover of my very first book.
The cover of my very first book.
The blurb....complete with typos!
The blurb….complete with typos!

You’ll also notice that this was typed on a computer, but judging by the print out…it was an old one! And, the blurb, at times sounds slightly creepy…but who cares! I was eight and I remember absolutely loving this project.

All in all there are seven chapters to this potentially prize-winning book, although it might need some minor alterations first…

Chapter One: Rockin Gardener's Beginning
Chapter One: Rockin Gardener’s Beginning
Chapter 3: Rockin Escapes!
Chapter 3: Rockin Escapes!
Still my favourite illustration from my book.
Still my favourite illustration from my book.

and, not forgetting the all important  last page about the author, or authoress…

About the Author
About me.

Reading this info page makes me laugh. I hate math, always have, so not sure why I said that I like it! This is also not my third book, but I feel there may be a story in “The Fruit Bird”.   What is clear from this is that my literary journey began a lot earlier than I had thought, and it’s funny that I still feel a sense of pride when I flick through this piece of work. I guess some things never change.

Now, I wonder what other treasures I’ll find tomorrow?