Studying the Online Way


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I said, ‘Hello’ to a new start as a uni student in my new city, Perth, a few weeks ago  and I didn’t think it had been that long since I was last at uni but a lot seems to have changed.

I’m doing some classes online this semester, which is a first, and I’m really enjoying it. I miss the face to face interaction but it’s kind of neat knowing that you are learning with a group of people scattered about the place.  I also like the freedom of when I study and where, tending to spend the days outside studying and listening to lectures.

Another thing I’m loving is the access to e-resources and the fact that so many textbooks are available online. I know that I’ve blogged about the this concept before, and my views were much keep the book and turn the page. I’m still very much a believer in the book, and will still choose a printed book over an e-book, but for textbooks it does make my life easier. I like the flexibility it brings, just like being able to choose where and when I study I get to choose the format of the text.

The only thing I really wonder about is if I’ve sat next to someone in my one and only internal, traditional, face to face lecture that I’ve conversed with at length on twitter or discussion boards. I wonder if switching from social media to real-life situations gets lost in translation.



2 thoughts on “Studying the Online Way

  1. Good luck with school! I know you can do it 😀

    I love actual books rather than e-books because when I was a student I marked my books up, wrote notes on the margins, etc all in the name of… love.. no, wait! I mean, studying! ^_^ hehe. So yea it helped me study to highlight important terms and concepts and stuff. So I agree with you about preferring books 🙂 Best of luck with everything! [I saw this post on FB and decided to comment, that’s why I’m here! lol. Nice blog :-)]

  2. Thank you Nada! That’s something I love, looking back over annotations I made ages ago!! I’ve still got books from high school with notes and sticky tabs. And, I’m absolutely loving studying again!

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