Found them! Where all the books have been and where they’re going

This is the last installment of my thoughts on books, ebooks and the impact it may have on society.

It all started after a trip to my favourite bookshop, discovering that it was now more of a café than a bookshop and that the bookshop aspect was a tablet fixed to the wall for all your browsing needs.  It got me thinking about the book and how we use technology. As a result I ended up buying what I’m calling, A Book About Books. The real title being:

A book about books

A book about books

It turns out to be an interesting read, taking a look at the historical impact the book has had throughout the ages.  It looks at the religious aspect, the need to record our daily lives, the controversy surrounding the printed word and the first printing press and the virtual book. To be honest, I don’t think the book is going anywhere…

Book About Books 1

Book about books 2

Book about books 3

Book about books 4

If the book has managed to survive burnings and bans I’m hopeful the book will be able to survive technology. There is, in my opinion, room for both the e-book and the print book. But, only time will tell…


2 thoughts on “Found them! Where all the books have been and where they’re going

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