Where have all the books gone?

It’s a beautiful Saturday, it might be winter, but the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. A perfect day to go out for lunch and check out one of my favourite bookshops.  Little did I know, I’d be very disappointed ( not with lunch, it was delicious!).

I’m aware of the growing importance technology has on our modern world, we’re all hooked and constantly tweeting, snap chatting, blogging etc but I never realised just how big an impact technology is having on bookstores until today.   I’ve been aware that many chains have closed down and it has been very difficult for many bookstores to stay open. The e-book has really taken off and many use their tablets for the convenience. I did think that those shops that had survived the ‘chop’ would ultimately remain thriving businesses with a great choice of stock.   I didn’t realise just how wrong l was until I went into one of my favourites today.

One of the reasons that I loved this particular bookshop was their interesting range of kids books. I’d go there for research, taking in the different types of books available and the types of books that the kids or parents would pick up. They always had a fantastic range and I always left having purchased another book to add to my collection.

Today, for the first time I left empty-handed. It no longer has a really great kids section stocked with interesting little gems, it no longer has a great choice of fiction books or any genre . Now it has a postoffice, rather large café and an e-book station instead. Where did all the books go?

Where have all the books gone?
Where have all the books gone?

Where am I supposed to go to wander among the shelves and flick through the pages of the many stories that now seem to be lost?


5 thoughts on “Where have all the books gone?

  1. I feel your pain, this happens way too often. So ditch the Kindle, keep the real books and send bookshops the message that you’re supporting and still love them!

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